Paw Patrol Uno Card Game

$ 13.99

This Paw Patrol Uno card game will be a total hit with your children on game night. Same grest Uno plus the exclusive silver card badge card, Age: 5 years & up. For 2 to 10 players. The old axiom, "the older the child, the more expensive the toy," holds true in many cases. But not with Uno, a card game requiring players to match by color and number. Uno also is a game that is fun to play for older children and adults. It can even be viewed as a family game. Uno is especially suited as an activity that children and grandparents can enjoy together as the cards feature big, bold numbers that are easy to read. There are no small pieces with this game, which includes easy-to-follow instructions so children younger than nine can be taught the strategy. The object of Uno is simple, too: to be the first to get rid of your cards. Uno is suitable for two to four players. Children who play this game will have their information processing skills stimulated as the game can move quickly. It also enhances color and number identification. Since Uno is a social game, improved interaction among friends and family members can be enhanced.