Merlin's Company: Shadows Over Camelot Merlin's Company

$ 34.99

Merlins Company is an expansion for the popular Shadows over Camelot board game. It introduces a host of new characters - including 7 new knights and Merlin himself - to the Shadows over Camelot epic. The wise old wizard is now a full-blown independent character in the game, complete with his own figure. He travels the board lending guidance and a helping hand to the embattled knights. Merlins Company also introduces 63 new cards: the all new Travel cards - events that may occur as you move from Quest to Quest, additional Black cards, including 7 witches allied with Morgan and additional White cards that will help you and your fellow knights in your battles against the forces of evil. The Merlins Company expansion, supports up to 8 players, including 2 possible Traitors, assuring that even the most innocuous Shadows over Camelot Quest will be filled with grave peril. Content - Merlin figure and Summary card - 7 New Knights Coats of Arms - A new deck of Loyalty cards including 1 additional Traitor card - 16 New Travel cards - 14 Black cards including 7 new Special Black cards - 23 White cards, including 8 new Special White cards - A bonus figure of Sir Bedivere, complete with his own Coat of Arms and colored die - Merlins Company rules booklet.