Doctor Who TARDIS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

$ 83.99

That wireless Bluetooth speaker looks just like a TARDIS! Meticulous craftsmanship and incredible sound quality. Sound clips include Materialize, Dematerialize, Cloister Bell, Flight, and Turbulence! Top LED flashes and the Police Box sign illuminates! Perfect for Doctor Who collectors and audiophiles alike. Wireless Doctor Who speakers! This Doctor Who TARDIS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will seamlessly pair with most any Bluetooth device. It features meticulous craftsmanship and incredible sound quality, making it highly desirable to collectors and audiophiles alike. The easy-to-use interface allows for an array of control options, while LED indicators let you know when you power the device on and when you're connected. Six different sound clips are programmed to indicate connection and activity! Made of super-rigid ABS, the TARDIS measures about 8 1/2-inches tall x 4 2/5-inches wide x 4 2/5-inches long. For ages 6 and up. Features and Specifications: - USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery - Sound clips: Materialize, Dematerialize, Cloister Bell, Flight, and Turbulence - The top LED flashes soft blue when powered On/Off. - The Police Box sign illuminates when connected to a device. - Auxiliary In/Out for linking multiple models together for surround sound - Built-in omnidirectional microphone for phone calls with noise cancellation - Multifunction interface for Volume / Play / Pause / >> / - Battery indicator display / voice battery low indicator - 3 1/2-foot 3.5 mm auxiliary cable and 3-foot micro USB charging cable included - Connectivity: wireless Bluetooth or 3.5 mm auxiliary - Wireless range: 33 feet / 10 meters - Battery: 10-hour life via rechargeable lithium-ion - Speakers: 2-inch high-power and 2 1/2-inch passive bass radiator - Connection and linking 3.