Bored no more! The 10 best games of the year—all family-tested and approved! 

10 Great Family Games

1. RALLY UP! Race to match up the most cards in categories like "plants" and "pastries" before your opponent does. One family upped the stakes by pitting the adults against the kids.
Why you'll love it: The brightly colored playing cards are a sly way to get kids to learn about new landmarks and foods.
Ages 6 and up, $13;


2. YOGA SPINNER Hold as many poses for 10 seconds as you can in this fun fitness game. Earning cards requires some serious balancing skills.
Why you'll love it: Haven't had a chance to get to a yoga class? Now's your chance to prep, while your kids are sure to get a kick out of seeing how flexible their parents are.
Ages 5 and up, $15;

3. DRAGONWOOD Collect creatures and charms as you travel through an enchanted forest, facing the wrath of ogres and goblins on your way. One mom said her son enjoyed defeating the creepiest enemies first.
Why you'll love it: The role-playing game's illustrated cards are great for expanding your child's imagination.
Ages 8 and up, $15;

4. SCRABBLE TWIST Even if word games aren't your family's forte, you'll get hooked on this classic's "hot potato" spin. You've got 10 or more seconds (depending on what mode you choose) to create a word from letters that pop up on the handheld unit.
Why you'll love it: No more getting stuck with a bad batch of letters! You get new ones every round.
Ages 8 and up, $20;

5. THREE LITTLE PIGGIES Move the 3D puzzle pieces around to find the pigs safe homes away from the big bad wolf.
Why you'll love it: One mom said the easy-to-set-up game is a "great teaching activity" for developing spatial skills and brings the classic fairy tale to life.
Ages 3 and up, $25;

6. APPLE POP Fling the apple balls out of the tree in hopes of getting three of the same color in a row.
Why you'll love it: Kids who can't sit still when playing Monopoly will enjoy this high-energy game that gives fine motor skills a workout.
Ages 5 and up, $17;

7. MASHIN' MAX Let Max spin until he smashes his fist down. You'll get lucky and move forward to collect berry tokens—or he'll snatch all you've got!
Why you'll love it: Gathering the berries is a great way for kids to practice counting.
Ages 4 and up, $16;

8. LIFT IT! DELUXE With a plastic crane strapped to your head (or hand), take turns building structures before time runs out. Rack up points by placing as many pieces down as you possibly can.
Why you'll love it: The competitive spirit of the game makes players forget they look like lunatics with their new headpieces.
Ages 8 and up, $35;

9. DOHDLES! Sculpt everything from a feather to a beret out of clay, for others to guess. The other players get to ask you yes or no questions about your creations.
Why you'll love it: Get ready to laugh! One mom said, "Some of the sculptures put you at a loss for words and make you wonder where you went wrong as a parent."
Ages 10 and up$40;

10. DINOSAUR ESCAPE The stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, and triceratops need to get to Dinosaur Island before the puzzle volcano explodes!
Why you'll love it: Kids have to use memory skills to find the right tokens, and they use their teamwork skills because players work together to rescue their new prehistoric pals.
Ages 4 and up, $18; 


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

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