Kids Surprised With Dream Toys • The Try Guys Santa Spectacular: Part 3

I don't know about you, but I love these guys. They aren't just funny, but they do great things for kids and people.

You guys have to watch this...


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

23 Ridiculously Cool Toys That Kids And Adults Will Enjoy

1. A device that turns a paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled aircraft.

A device that turns a paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled aircraft.

Price: $50

2. A unicorn that’s also a colored pencil holder.

A unicorn that's also a colored pencil holder.

Price: $14.99

3. A blaster that can make snowballs and launch them up to 80 feet.

A blaster that can make snowballs and launch them up to 80 feet.

Price: $35

4. A device for making s’mores over a kitchen counter instead of a campfire.

A device for making s'mores over a kitchen counter instead of a campfire.

Price: $79.99

5. Remote-controlled cars to take Mario Kart racing off your TV screen and onto your floor.

Remote-controlled cars to take Mario Kart racing off your TV screen and onto your floor.

Price: $159

6. A giant beanbag with an awesome hairdo.

A giant beanbag with an awesome hairdo.

Price: $129

7. A Spyro Gyro pen to bring your doodling to the next level.

A Spyro Gyro pen to bring your doodling to the next level.

Price: $11.95

8. An insanely cool chair-rocker-hammock that looks like a huge Pringle chip.

An insanely cool chair-rocker-hammock that looks like a huge Pringle chip.

Price: $179

9. WiFi-connected toy “mailboxes” friends and family can send messages to.

WiFi-connected toy "mailboxes" friends and family can send messages to.

Price: $47.98

10. A dashing cape you get to color in yourself.


Price: $19.95

11. A nightlight you can redesign every evening.

A nightlight you can redesign every evening.

Price: $39.95

12. LED shoelaces to brighten up your footwear.

LED shoelaces to brighten up your footwear.

Price: $12.98

13. A squirting shield that functions as offense *and* defense during a water fight.

A squirting shield that functions as offense *and* defense during a water fight.

Price: $18.95

14. A miniature taco truck playhouse.

A miniature taco truck playhouse.

Price: $59

15. A sled you can use on both grass and snow.


Price: $79.95

16. A cuddly plush talking Chewbacca

A cuddly plush talking Chewbacca

Price: $120

17. A carpet playing field that’ll put a marble collection to good use.

A carpet playing field that'll put a marble collection to good use.

It would be so easy to create some sort of marbles drinking game with this.

Price: $39.98

18. The most enormous soccer ball you’ve ever seen.

The most enormous soccer ball you've ever seen.

Price: $109.95

19. And a gigantic stacking game.

And a gigantic stacking game.

Price: $99.95

20. A duvet cover and sheet set that transforms a bed into a chocolate bar.

A duvet cover and sheet set that transforms a bed into a chocolate bar.

Price: $185

21. A customizable creature tee.


Each tee comes with iron-on features for you to arrange and add as you see fit.

Price: $37.95

22. A fun game that involves making a sandwich fit for a giant.

A fun game that involves making a sandwich fit for a giant.

Price: $29.99

23. And a set of sturdy plastic straws you can use to build a fort.

And a set of sturdy plastic straws you can use to build a fort.

Price: $18.95


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M


Oh how times have changed.

I remember when this first came out. I WAS ALL OVER THIS!!!

I miss the old cartoons. :-)

June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

How This Preemie’s Family Found Hope In ‘Finding Nemo’

Just another reason to love the work that Disney and Pixar put out. You never know what's going to touch and help someone in their life...

For one family, “Finding Nemo” became more than a movie. It became an inspiration while their son fought to live.

According to ABC News, Maureen and Jeffrey Azize’s son, Francis William Azize, was born at 23 weeks in January 2015 and weighed just 1 pound, 9 ounces. On June 17, the family shared a video on Facebook documenting Francis’ journey and his unexpected connection to the movie “Finding Nemo.”

According to the video, during Francis’ stay in the hospital, Maureen’s brother, Charles Kinnane, sent the couple a TED Talk from Andrew Stanton, the director and writer of “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.”

In his talk, Stanton shared with the audience the day his dad told him he had been born premature.

“He explained that when I was born, I was born premature, that I came out much too early, and I wasn’t fully baked. I was very, very sick,” he said. “And when the doctor took a look at this yellow kid with black teeth, he looked straight at my mom and said, ‘He’s not going to live.’”

Maureen described Stanton’s story and everything he has accomplished as “really inspiring.” The family already had a connection with “Finding Nemo” since Maureen’s sister used the film as inspiration for her doodles on Francis’ whiteboard in his hospital room.Francis’ connection with the movie grew even more when Kinnane, who sent the TED Talk, sat next to Stanton during a flight.

“My brother showed him some pictures and kind of told him about Francis and then before the plane ride was over, Andrew Stanton handed my brother a piece of paper,” Maureen said in the video. 

The paper included a drawing of the beloved Disney character Nemo. The message on it read, “To Francis William, just keep swimming!”

And that’s exactly what Francis has done. According to the video, he finally went home after 118 days in the hospital. The video of his journey has been viewed more than 11 million times in a week and caught the attention of Stanton, who tweeted that the video made him cry. 

Maureen told ABC News her 1-year-old son is now trying to walk. She thanked everyone, especially the nurses and doctors, who offered their love and support and helped her son thrive. 

“He’s just a real little gift,” she said. 

H/T PopSugar


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

Dolls Get ‘Donated’ Limbs From Other Toys To Teach Kids About Transplants

Don't underestimate the power in toys to teach powerful messages to your kids.

Use here at know that if you don't make education fun and engaging you will lose your child. We won't let that happen.

A new project has pinned down a brilliant way to teach kids about organ transplants.

A Japanese organization called Second Life Toys collects broken stuffed animals. Some of these plushies are “donors” and others are “toys to receive an implant.” The idea is that parts from the donor dolls are stitched onto the recipient dolls, breathing new life into once broken toys.

Second Life Toys

The toys are meant to represent human lives saved through organ transplants. The idea is that the spruced up stuffed animals will help raise awareness and understanding in Japan about the importance of organ transplants and donations — starting with kids.

It’s a message that desperately needs to be spread.    

“In Japan currently there are about 14,000 people waiting for organ transplants,” Misa Ganse, director of operations at the Japan Organ Transplant Network and a committee director of Green Ribbon Project, which is working with Second Life Toys, said. “Among them, only 300 receive the actual organ transplant annually.”

According to The Japanese Times, in the U.S., there are 7,000 to 8,000 organ transplants every year.

“Which works out to about 26 organ transplants per million population,” writes the publication. “Contrast that to Japan, where the rate is just 0.9 transplants per million, the lowest rate in the industrialized world.”

The problem stems back to a heart transplant performed in 1968 by Dr. Juro Wada. Wada pronounced a drowned boy brain dead after an examination, and then took the boy’s heart and implanted it into a teenager who was dying from a congenital cardiac disease, according to the New York Times

Soon after the surgery, Wada was accused of murder by another physician in the same hospital who claimed Wada’d taken the boy’s heart from him while he was still alive. Charges were dropped, but the case went on for six years, casting a dark shadow upon organ transplants in Japan.

Second Life Toys hopes to shatter the stigma with their snuggly dolls.

“Using toys as a motif, this project extends the notion of organ transplant by making it as an enhancement rather than a compensation,” Ganse said. “Therefore makes the topic approachable to everyone.”


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

9 toys from the 1960s that would be deemed too dangerous for today's kids

When I look at this I'm so happy things have changed.

We all have fond memories of these toys. I can't believe that they allowed kids to play with these.

Growing up in the 1960s meant growing up with some of the best toys on the market. We had Hot Wheels, Barbies, G.I. Joes — not to mention all the adventures we had playing outside. 

Although toys were great in the 60s, they were also kind of dangerous. Looking back, it's hard to imagine how we made it into adulthood without being scarred for life with these nine toys. But alas, we made it! And these toys arguably made us stronger and ready for the real world. 

How many of these toys did you have?



Super Elastic Bubble Plastic


This toy, manufactured by Wham-O, was like a step above blowing bubbles. You squeezed out a little bit of liquid plastic, rolled it into a ball, and blew through a straw to create colorful durable bubbles. 

Sounds harmless, right? Of course not. The bubbles contained chemicals like polyvinyl acetate (found in glue) and ethyl acetate (found in nail polish remover). And if you inhaled it, you got a mouthful of toxic fumes. It's no wonder the toy was discontinued in the 1980s. 

Image: Remembering the 70s



Creepy Crawlers


Mattel gave us this gift in 1964. The danger factor not only included noxious fumes, but an exposed hot plate which kids were supposed to heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The point of this game was to create plastic bugs. In order to do so, kids poured a substance called "Plastigoop" into metal molds on the hot plate and let them bake. (Words like "Plastigoop" are never a good sign, right?). The instructions said to let the bugs cool off before removing them, but we're guessing kids chose to ignore those instructions. 

Image: YouTube



Little Lady Stove


The Little Lady Stove may be quaint and petite, but it packs a much more powerful punch than the Creepy Crawlers hot plate. In the 1960s, officials wanted to ban it because it generated too much heat — 600 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact! That's more powerful than most real stoves need to be. 






Jarts were heavy lawn darts with metal spikes designed to fly in the air, and they were also a recipe for disaster. The toy had already been banned once, but officials ruled they could come back as long as they were labeled for adults only. 

But that didn't stop kids from using it. In the late 1980s, a seven-year-old girl died after accidentally being hit with a dart. This prompted her father to successfully lobby to get them banned for good. Officials found that in the eight years leading up to the girl's death, a whopping 6,100 people went to the emergency room because of the lawn darts. 81 percent of those people were 15 and younger. It's probably good this toy isn't around today. 




Water Wiggle


Wham-O is a repeat offender when it comes to dangerous toys. The Water Wiggle was a popular summer toy like the Slip 'n Slide, but it was a little more dangerous. The toy would whip around in every direction, sparing no one from its wrath. Just watch the YouTube video and watch the Water Wiggle wrap itself around a little girl like a boa constrictor. That can't be safe. 

Image: Top of Texas Gazette



Swing Wing


It's like a Hula Hoop… for your head! Transogram Games developed the simple concept in 1965, and it probably gave kids vertigo, whiplash and neck problems for years to come. 

Image: YouTube





Sixfinger was the quintessential "you'll shoot your eye out" toy of the 1960s. But not only was Sixfinger dangerous, it was also really bizarre. Obviously kids found it really cool to have a sixth finger that doubled as a toy gun, but did the manufacturers really think people would be fooled that a cold, plastic object could be mistaken for an extra finger?

Image: YouTube





Another toy, another exposed hot plate. The Vac-U-Form was similar to Creepy Crawlers in the respect that kids got to create their own toys. To do that, they had to heat up a sheet of plastic, form a mold, and then suck the plastic down over the mold so the toy would form. 




Luscious Limbs


Luscious Limbs isn't so much dangerous as it is weird. The fun part was kids got to create body parts out of a mold... But that wasn't all. Kids also got to eat those body parts. That's right, hands, feet, and ears were fair game. We don't even want to think about all the chemicals kids consumed by eating those appendages.

Image: Flashbak


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

Pregnancy Reveal: Husband Breaks Down When He Finds Bun in the Oven

A father-to-be is overwhelmed when his wife reveals she's five months pregnant, after the couple has struggled to have children for 17 years.

I saw this story and had to share it with all of you. It changes you seeing stuff like this. I love it. So will you!

buns in the oven pregnancy reveal

A mom-to-be decided to play on the classic "bun in the oven" scenario to reveal her pregnancy to her husband, and the result could not have been more adorable.

After struggling to have a child for nearly 17 years, during which she's experienced four miscarriages and a still birth, Dana Griffin-Graves was surprised to learn last week that she was almost five months pregnant, and excited to share the news with her husband, Arkell Graves.

Griffin-Graves posted a video of her surprise pregnancy reveal on social media in order to share the moment with her family, she told ABC News, but the heartwarming video is going viral.

The video opens on Graves at the stove in the couple's kitchen, prepping what looks like a romantic dinner for two. "There's some stuff in the oven, too," says Griffin-Graves from behind the camera.

Graves opens the door to take a peek and catches sight of the ultrasound photos his wife planted next to the buns in the oven. "You're pregnant! You're pregnant!" he exclaims, wheeling around to face his wife, who tells him she's already 19 weeks along.

"Due February 16th," she tells him. "And it's a boy."

That's when Graves loses it, pulling his shirt over his face to hide his happy sobs.

"His reaction was just priceless," Griffin-Graves told ABC News. "I wasn't expecting that at all. I knew that he would probably be emotional but I definitely was not expecting the reaction I received."

The video has gotten many positive comments on YouTube, congratulating the couple on their happy news. "Got me crying over here!" a user named Metria Denise wrote. "I had a stillborn as well and now you guys gave me hope! God bless and congrats. I'm so happy!!"


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

30 Little Things That Mean a Lot to Kids

While these gestures may seem trivial to adults, they go a long way with your little ones. Here are a few easy tricks to make your child smile. 

Mom and Child on Ride

  1. Wear that macaroni necklace to work. Well, at least until you're safely out the door.
  2. Tape a family mantra or slogan (Unstoppable! We can, we will! We've got this!) to your refrigerator door and invoke it whenever your child feels discouraged.
  3. Go for a walk with just one child.
  4. Slip a note (and an occasional piece of chocolate) into her lunch box.
  5. Build your own Minecraft world alongside his. 
  6. Say "yes" to something usually off-limits, like sitting on the counter. 
  7. Show as much enthusiasm on amusement-park rides as they do. 
  8. If you quarrel in front of your child, make sure that he also sees you make up.
  9. When her room looks like a tsunami swept through it, close the door and get on with your day.
  10. Skype or do FaceTime with Grandma every now and then. 
  11. If your child has given it a good try, but he's still miserable and anxious and really, truly wants to quit the team, give him your blessing.
  12. Go ahead: Let your 4-year-old stomp in every puddle along the way. Even without rain boots.
  13. Get out the glitter glue and make a birthday card for your child.
  14. Take in a pet that needs a home—and a child's love.
  15. Give your toddler a chance to fight his own battles in the sandbox or on the playground before you intervene.
  16. Hold off with the barrage of how-was-your-day questions if your child comes home from school grumpy and tired. You can always get the rundown at the dinner table.
  17. Cultivate your own rituals and traditions: Taco Tuesdays, Sunday-afternoon bike ride, apple picking every fall.
  18. Ask your kid to teach you how to do something for a change. And once you get the hang of it, be sure to tell him what a good teacher he is.
  19. Let your child wear her dress-up clothes to the supermarket. All month if she wants to.
  20. Let your child overhear you saying something wonderful about her. 
  21. Stay up late to see the full moon. There's one on October 27.
  22. Print their childhood photos so they have something physical to look at one day.
  23. Don't be in a hurry to tell your kid to let it go. He needs to vent too.
  24. Cook heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.
  25. Crank up the music in the middle of homework and have a dance party.
  26. Make a secret family handshake.
  27. Hang a whiteboard in her room to leave messages for each other.
  28. Start a pillow fight.
  29. Share your old diaries, photos, and letters from when you were her age.
  30. Thank your child when he does a chore on his own—even if it's just hanging up a wet towel without prompting or refilling the empty water pitcher.


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

Happiest Parents Have Four or More Kids, Study Says

A new study from an Australian university found parents with four or more kids are the happiest.

family with four children

When I saw the headline of this article, Study Finds Happiest Parents Have Four or More Kids, I thought for sure that it was from The Onion and a total joke. Alas, it is not a joke but the actual results of a study by Australia's Edith Cowan University. How on Earth can this possibly be true?! I only have one child and it is a lot of work and stress (and joy and happiness, of course), and people I know with three kids seem to have super-crazy lives—and, frankly, complain about the hecticness a fair amount. So four kids can't possible make for the happiest parents...right?


Well, according to Dr. Bronwyn Harman in the psychology and social science school at Edith Cowan, it does. She spent five years studying what types of families are most content, interviewing hundreds of parents from different family makeups to measure their resilience, social support, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. She expected that parents with more children would be less happy, but surprisingly found the opposite to be true: Parental happiness relates to how much effort has been put into growing the family.

"[The parents] usually say they always wanted a large family, it was planned that way, and it was a lifestyle they'd chosen," Harman told The Sydney Morning Herald. Though larger families are more chaotic and expensive than smaller ones, her research shows those issues are balanced by the amount of joy received from having more children.

The moral of the story? Don't pop out more kids if you don't really want them, thinking it will make you happier. It won't. It only works if you actually wanted a giant brood in the first place.

Whew. Glad I read through to the end before ditching the birth control.


June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M

Recall Alert! Your Applesauce Pouches May Contain Mold!

If you haven't already heard this is important. It's about the health of your child and everyone in your house.

This is everything you need to know about the recent GoGo squeeZ recall.

GoGo squeeZ Applesauce Pouches

Popular applesauce maker GoGo squeeZ has voluntarily recalled certain products after a recent production issue that led to mold developing in pouches.


The company has said the mold that has affected their products is the type that can form on fruit and poses no potential health risk if consumed. "However, we know mold is gross and unpleasant to look at or taste, and this is simply not the kind of experience we want you to have," founder and CEO Michel Larroche wrote on the company's site.

RELATED: Recall Alert: GoGo Squeez Pouches With Best Before Date of December 4, 2015 - March 4, 2017

The recall includes all individual pouches and cartons of pouches produced in the United States with a "Best Before Date" between 6/30/2016 and 7/26/2016. Although these are the dates specified by GoGo squeeZ, it's important for consumers to thoroughly check products before consumption.

The number of affected pouches has not been disclosed.

In order to determine if a product you bought is involved in this recall, follow the directions here. Consumers can also contact the company at (844) 275-5841 with any questions.

"As a result of this action, during the coming weeks, it may be a bit more difficult to find GoGo squeeZ products on your store shelves as we work to get back in stock the high quality products you know and deserve," Larroche said.

Why would you even buy applesauce? It's so much easier, healthier, and surprisingly fast to make your own applesauce.

Here's a video that shows you how:




June 27, 2016 by Gianfranco M